Residents’ anger at East Renfrewshire’s recycling changes

East Renfrewshire Council have made the new scheme a priority

A CONTROVERSIAL new waste management scheme has been introduced in East Renfrewshire.

The changes came into effect on November 1st and will alter the way the council collects household and garden waste.

The new system has been introduced in a bid to reduce landfill charges and will also attempt to boost recycling efforts.

Brown bins will now be collected on a weekly basis, and will be used for both garden and food waste.

Any household waste that cannot be recycled should be placed in the gray bin, which will now be collected every two weeks.

Resident’s anger

Graham Hay, a resident of Newton Mearns, said:

“The new system seems too complicated. It was fine the way it was before.

“Not everyone has time to split up all their rubbish into so many different bins.

“I think it’ll just end up making people angry.”

A spokesperson for East Renfrewshire council said:

“Like all council’s in Scotland, East Renfrewshire has national targets to meet on recycling and landfill diversion.

“The changes we are introducing will help residents to increase their household recycling which will reduce the volume of residual waste collected.

“By reducing the overall volume of residual waste that goes straight to landfill we will minimise the rapidly increasing costs to the Council of landfill charges and fines and reduce the risk of the charges being passed back to local tax payers.”

Households around the area are in the process of being supplied with a small, indoor kitchen caddy which can be used to collect food waste before it is placed in the brown bin.

Uplifts of recycling will continue as it currently does, with an unlimited amount of recycling allowed.

The spokesperson continued:

“The national zero waste plan, which intends to move the country towards a zero waste culture, will commit the council to longer term recycling targets of 60% by 2020 and 70% by 2025, with no more than 5% landfill permissible by 2025.

“The council will operate a better balanced waste collection service – shift in focus from rubbish collection to maximising recycling and composting; as a community we will divert waste from landfill generating both financial and environmental benefits.”

The council also says that any excess waste will not be collected once the changes come into force.

Changes to the waste collection service only affect those properties which currently have wheeled bin collections and a kerbside recycling

For more information on the scheme, click here.

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